Board Meeting - July 25, 2019

The Plum Point Villages POA Board of Directors met at 6:00 on 07/25/19 at M.R. Davis Southaven Public Library, 8554 Northwest Dr, Southaven, MS 38671. In attendance were board members Denise Tucker, Bradley Valentine, Ben Moore. Treasurer Stacy Ables was present.

Several issues were discussed that are being handled by the City of Southaven Code Enforcement department.

Denise reported that she is working with Southaven Police Department on speeders on Cherry Tree Ln.

Ben reported that he is working with Horn Lake Creek Drainage District on the clearing of Lateral D that parallels Plum Tree Dr. It is scheduled to be cleared this fall.

Jack is going to measure the balance of the fence along Elmore to submit to the fence contractor for a bid. The first estimate was $19,099 for 1500 ft.

Stacy will pay JLC DeSoto for the work through May when they were instructed to discontinue their work.

Stacy reported that the bank balance was $11,191 as of 07/24/19. 8 houses have closed since May. He is investigating software packages for managing assessments.

Ben will investigate getting Stacy bonded.

Ben nominated Stacy Ables to fill Carmen Kyle’s vacated board position. Jack seconded and the board approved the nomination.

09/12/19 - Board meeting to prepare for Special Meeting
09/15/19 - Mailing of notification of Special Meeting ("Goodwill Letter")
10/03/19 - Special Meeting - Past due assessments, Nominating Committee
10/0?/19 - Mailing of past due statements
12/01/19 - Mailing of 2020 assessment notices and notification of General Meeting
01/??/20 - General Meeting

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Plum Point Villages Property Owners Association