City of Southaven Sanitation Guidelines

Recently there has been discussion about garbage and rubbish collection. The Public Works Department has published the following guidelines.

  1. Household garbage should be bagged & contained inside the cart. Household garbage outside of the cart will NOT be collected.
  2. Do not overload cart. The lid should be closed. If you have more than will fit in your cart, we do offer a second cart for an additional $8/month.
  3. Please have cart on the curb by 6:00 am on your pickup day & at least 5 feet from any obstruction.
  4. Arrange cart so that the lid opens toward the street, handle toward your home.
  5. No oil, gas, paint, warm ashes, or other hazardous materials should be placed in the cart. To dispose of these items properly, please contact the Desoto County Environmental Services office at 662‐469‐8023 for more information.
  6. If your garbage cart is damaged or if garbage or debris are missed on your pickup day, please contact our office at 662‐796‐2489, opt. 1 to report this.
  7. An additional truck runs every route to pick up boxes, limbs, bagged grass clippings, appliances, and misc. debris. This should be at least 5 feet from cart or any other obstruction.
  8. Limbs or tree cuttings should be no longer than 4‐5 feet in length or 12 inches in diameter.
  9. If you have a large amount of tree cuttings at the curb, please be aware that this may take several trips over multiple days to get completely cleaned up. We appreciate your patience on this matter.
  10. Used car tires can be taken to the County Maintenance Shop at 2339 Gwynn Road. Electronics can be taken to the County Rubbish Pit at 5255 W. Sandidge Road, Olive Branch.
  11. Minor renovation debris may be placed on curb for pickup. For larger scale renovations, a construction dumpster or self removal is required.
  12. For any questions or to report any issues with your sanitation, please contact our office at 662‐796‐2489, opt. 1.

A few key points are worth making.
  • The above illustration indicates that garbage and rubbish must be placed IN FRONT of the house. Please don't put garbage and rubbish on the side or behind your house.
  • "Household garbage outside of the cart will NOT be collected." The company will not pick up garbage in WHITE BAGS unless they are in the cart.
  • Limbs or tree cuttings should be no longer than 4‐5 feet in length or 12 inches in diameter. Large amounts of tree cuttings may take several trips
If you have any questions or to report any issues with your pickups, please contact Southaven Public Works at 662‐796‐2489, opt. 1.

Board Meeting - April 25, 2019

The Plum Point Villages POA Board of Directors met at 6:00 on 04/25/19 at Southaven Chamber of Commerce, 500 Main St, Southaven, MS 38671. In attendance were Denise Tucker, Carmen Kyle, Bradley Valentine, Ben Moore. Jack Bailey was absent but had given his proxy to Ben Moore.

The Board selected Stacy Ables for the position of Treasurer. The Board agreed that the authorized signers on the checking account would be Stacy Ables, Denise Tucker, and Ben Moore. These replace Jack Flanagan and Larry Fortner. Checks will need to be signed by any 2 of the authorized signers.

Denise has begun to organize a Beautification Committee. They are looking beautification and maintenance of the entrances.

There is a section of the fence on Elmore that is overgrown. It was decided to defer action on this until the fence is replaced in that area. Bradley will look into the cost to replace the rest of the fence.

There was discussion of the content of the covenants regarding nuisance, e.g. dogs barking, inoperative vehicles, and lawn maintenance. Ben will research this. Carmen suggested including a "good will" letter with the next billing.

The Board agreed to begin collecting interest on past due assessments.

Submitted by:

Plum Point Villages Property Owners Association