Veterans Day 2019 Reminder

We are putting the signs and flags at the entrances, and individual branch of service flags at each home were we have veterans, spouses of passed veterans, reserves and active duty.  If you failed to sign up, or we missed you, I have some flags left.  Call or text me at 901-292-4824.

1 Coast Guard
1 Air Force
6 Navy
8 Army

Please thank William Jerome, U.S. Army, 5600 Plum Tree Drive, for helping me.

Thanks for your service,

Jack Bailey, USMC

Board Meeting - October 24, 2019

The Plum Point Villages POA Board of Directors met at 6:00 on 10/24/19 at McAlister’s Deli, 975 Goodman Rd E., Southaven, MS 38671. In attendance were board members Denise Tucker, Jack Bailey, and Ben Moore. Absent were Bradley Valentine and Stacy Ables.

Denise provided an update on the fence. The vendor is still suffering delays but is scheduled to start late the week of 10/28/19 and work over the weekend to finish. The affected residents need to be notified.

Jack suggested we include a financial statement with the 2020 assessment notices. He also suggested adding the mailing address and web site address to the letterhead of any correspondence sent to property owners.

Denise will contact Cornerstone Church and see what dates are available for the General Meeting in January 2020. This date needs to be included in the mailing of the 2020 assessment notices. The Board will need to meet before that meeting to set the agenda.

Jack has several people helping him distribute service flags to residents who are veterans before Veterans Day.

Jack suggested placing a bulletin board in the neighborhood. We discussed several locations. Jack will look at whether there is a suitable place in the neighborhood park.

Ben will contact several residents to participate in the Nominating Committee. This committee will serve until the end of the General Meeting in January 2021.

Upcoming events:

12/01/19 - Mailing of 2020 assessment notices and notification of General Meeting
01/20/20 - General Meeting, 6:30PM, Cornerstone Church, 5998 Elmore Rd, Southaven, MS 38671

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Plum Point Villages Property Owners Association