Board Meeting - September 21, 2020

The Plum Point Villages POA Board of Directors convened via FaceTime on 09/21/20. Participating were board members Denise Tucker, Bradley Valentine, Jack Bailey, Ben Moore, and William Jerome.

 Denise reported that she had a bid to replace the last section of the fence for $9533. The bank balance is $15,905.56 as of the last statement. The Board approved this.

Jack Bailey will distribute branch of service flags again this year. There will be no cost to the POA.

We have received our 2019 tax return from James McIngvale, CPA. Denise signed it and it was filed with the IRS. There was no tax liability. The charge was $425. McIngvale also submitted a financial statement for 2019.

The board members in the Class of 2021, Denise and Bradley, agreed to continue as board members.

We discussed logistics of the January General Meeting on 01/18/21 at 7:00PM. Denise will contact the church to check on availability. We also considered using Zoom for a virtual meeting due to the Coronavirus risk. The board will meet again on 11/16/20 to finalize plans.

The City has plans to pave Pear Dr and Pear Cv the end of 2020.

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Plum Point Villages Property Owners Association